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Jinsheng Group


Jinsheng Group's new employees conducted 11 days of  training at the headquarters of Jinsheng from July 1st to 11th. The training content includes three topics: team building, thematic lecture exchanges, and summary report. Team building implanted a seed of tenacity, responsibility, collaboration and gratitude in the heart of every new employee. Thematic lecture exchanges invited executives and outstanding employees of Jinsheng Group and BU. Based on the first entry of graduates into the work, courses on company history, industry knowledge, professional skills, lifelong learning are offered. The training ended with a summary report of 3 groups of employees.

We clearly and happily feel the growth and changes of each colleague. Each group was working hard to explore more possibilities for members. Team work makes each group's report rich and colorful,which just like Jinsheng Group's corporate value: Team work.