Our Culture
Our Mission
To combine Chinese elements with world elements and promote sustainable human development.
United Goal and Core Value of Jinsheng
Jinsheng Core Value

With customer focus, integrity and sense of excellence as our DNA, we focus on continuous innovation and
excellence with a positive attitude. With our teamwork, we we deliver breakthrough solutions for opportunities and
challenges to reach the aspirations of Jinsheng.

Team work

Fighting spirit builds the quality. We pursuit first class moral quality, product quality and enterprise quality (enterprise social responsibility and performance).

Jinsheng brings not only the product of outstanding quality, but also the service  focusing on customer experience.  In addition, Jinsheng actively takes the social responsibility. With a harmony of Chinese and global elements, Jinsheng intends to promote sustainable human development. For this purpose, we need to combine our ability and moral.  These 3 qualities rely on complementary relations and none is dispensable.

QUALITY is divided into 3 dimensions, i.e. moral quality, product quality and enterprise quality.

Moral quality:The Chinese virtues of honesty and final piety are two of the most important traditional treasures instilled in us.

Product quality:Customer is always first. We strive continuously for a number one product performance, quality, price and delivery time in the industry.

Enterprise quality:Good performance is the precondition to a sustainable development, social responsibility follows afterwards.

Harmony: Jinsheng is a global enterprise with multinational-culture. We have more than half overseas employees, we must mutually reinforce.

Team: We are one.

Union: We share honor and disgrace, we unite core value and get high cohesion.

In DT era, a more substantial organized structure shall enhance the efficiency improvement. There is no doubt that any enterprise with low efficiency will be eliminated. It is required that every employee, every team, every company and every business unit, with an open mind, integrate the concept of improving efficiency into daily work and thinking.

Revolution: a complete revolution of an enterprise – integration or sale.

Restructure: framework / function / processing.

Reform: transformation and innovation of product, technology and procedure.

Customer is always first.

The concept of CUSTOMER can be divided into external customer, internal customer and cooperation units. Among them, external customer includes demanding side and supplying side. Be sure to clarify who is your own customer. Think as customer thinks, and care as customer cares. Create value added service for the customer by optimizing the product and service. Become the preferred supplier of the customer. Have a cooperation and develop with customer together continuously and pursuit for a Win-Win situation.