2022-08-26  |  Jinsheng Group
Education support with love 2022
Jinsheng Group gives its employees care and warmth with true feelings and strives to build a harmonious enterprise, which is deeply supported and recognized by employees.
2021-09-01  |  Jinsheng Group
Education support with love 2021
Proactiveness, Virtue, Beauty
2021-06-21  |  Jinsheng Group
2021-06-21  |  Jinsheng Group
2021-06-18  |  Jinsheng Group
2021-05-09  |  Jinsheng Group
"Youth Day" series of activities were held successfully by Jinsheng Group
To enrich the spiritual and cultural life of young employees.
2021-03-12  |  Jinsheng Group
Jinsheng Group held a poem recitation contest to celebrate the 111th International Women’s Day
Praising the revolutionary classics and Showing the women's power.
2020-12-17  |  Jinsheng Group
Jinsheng Group won the title of "Demonstration unit of cultural construction among private enterprises in Jiangsu Province"