"Youth Day" series of activities were held successfully by Jinsheng Group
Jinsheng Group


Jinsheng Group held a reading salon on April 29, 2021 with the theme of "Thinking of youth, More than just a debate". This reading salon mainly includes two links: debate competition and reading&communication. 

The debate compitition focused on that "the youth facing the pressure of society, life, and work should be brave to be themselves (positive view) or choose to enjoy a stable life (opposite view)". It was impressive to audience that Chen Xingxing, the opposing debater, has said that  "learning with a steady mentality is a stable lifestyle what I understand" .The debate competition voted by the audience. At last, the positive debaters, Lu Ling won the title of  "best debater" in the compitition. 

During the Reading&communication session, Xu Hao from EMAG (China) shared his reading experience from the book "Great Power Diplomacy".

Through the activity, the communications between young employees have been deepened.


More than 20 youth league members of Jinsheng Group participated in the activity with the theme of "Showing youthful vitality and commemorating a century history of the Communist Party of China " on May 9, 2021. They were walking Leisurely in Youshan Village which is a model of beautiful rural construction in Jintan District.

The activity is divided into three sessions. The first was Q & A session about " a century history of the CPC", and it is a competition, but also to learn. The second was a fun sports competition. Two members worked together and standed side by side. The calf of one member's left leg and the other's right leg are tied with rope and move forward. The youths ran side by side on the lawn, showing the tacit understanding between teammates and the youthful vitality of youths. The last was a group competition with the theme of hand-painted kites. The youths worked together, and the surface of the blank kite was filled with colors in a short while. The dream flew into the blue sky as the kite.

Although the weather was hot, it can't stop the enthusiasm of the youth league members. And the body and mind of everyone have been relaxed.