2020-12-17  |  Jinsheng Group
Jinsheng Group won the title of "Demonstration unit of cultural construction among private enterprises in Jiangsu Province"
2020-12-03  |  Jinsheng Group
Jinsheng Group won the title of the most caring charity donation unit of the 5th "Jiangsu Charity Award"
A caring and responsible company.
2020-09-07  |  Jinsheng Group
Education support with love 2020
Jinsheng Group gives employees care and warmth with true feelings and strives.
2020-06-04  |  EMAG
EMAG's first Patent Awards Ceremony
Science and technology are the primary productive forces.
2020-05-25  |  Jinsheng Group
Jinsheng Group deployed 2020 "Safe Production Month" activity
Eliminate hidden dangers of accidents and build a strong line of defense.
2020-02-17  |  EMAG
EMAG acquired CNC-­Technik Weiss GmbH, headquartered in Neckartailfingen
It was a win-win situation for all parties involved.
2020-02-28  |  EMAG
EMAG won the Outstanding Supplier Award awarded by Sisamex
This award represents a long-term and friendly partnership of trust established between EMAG and Sisamex.
2019-11-12  |  Jinsheng Group
Saurer and EMAG to show their new products at 2nd CIIE
From November 5 to 10, the second China International Import Expo was held in Shanghai.