2023-05-12  |  Well Biotech
Well Biotech passed QMS desk assessment conducted by WHO Prequalification Inspection Team for EUL application
It represents that the Quality Management System of the company is satisfactory and is considered to constitute adequate evidence of compliance with ISO 13485 and the requirements of WHO.
2022-08-26  |  Jinsheng Group
Education support with love 2022
Jinsheng Group gives its employees care and warmth with true feelings and strives to build a harmonious enterprise, which is deeply supported and recognized by employees.
2021-09-01  |  Jinsheng Group
Education support with love 2021
Proactiveness, Virtue, Beauty
2021-06-21  |  Jinsheng Group
2021-06-21  |  Jinsheng Group
2021-06-18  |  Jinsheng Group
2021-05-09  |  Jinsheng Group
"Youth Day" series of activities were held successfully by Jinsheng Group
To enrich the spiritual and cultural life of young employees.
2021-03-12  |  Jinsheng Group
Jinsheng Group held a poem recitation contest to celebrate the 111th International Women’s Day
Praising the revolutionary classics and Showing the women's power.